Portfolio > Terrain Biennial 2021

Plywood, galvanized metal, stainless steel, PVC plastic
8 Ft. High.

Fabricating a tree out of plywood has been part of an ongoing exploration of the complicated relationship that humans have with nature. The pine tree is iconic: it's symmetry, repetition of form, and distinctive profile is unmistakable. Wood from pine and fir trees is essential for our survival, products made from trees comprise up to 20 per cent of the typical American home.

"Habitat" alludes to the fact that trees provide essential aspects of both the natural and human made environment. They provide shelter and sustenance for wildlife, are essential for carbon fixation, and are a primary element of our visual landscape. Many of us live in and walk on structures built from factory processed wood components.

The composition of “Habitat” was inspired by a pine tree outside of my house as well as fake cell phone tree towers that I’ve encountered while traveling.